Groups for Children

6 week Spring Session

April 24th – June 5th (excludes Memorial Day)

Below is a list of our spring classes for toddlers through teens. We can also tailor individual workshops and classes to fit your private group; just contact us to find out how. All of the classes listed below can be registered for under Online Registration. Or go to our Calendar Pages to see how the classes lay out at a glance. 

AGE RANGES are approximate and flexible when appropriate for both the child and the group as whole.

Exploring Together (age 18 months-3 years with a caregiver) Fridays 9:30-10:15. Designed for caregivers and children to participate together and discover the process of art play. Caregivers can learn techniques for promoting creative development, and children enjoy exploring materials in a safe place to make a mess! Materials are non-toxic, and the creative process is emphasized in a way that is developmentally appropriate. Care is given to present a balanced array of sensory experiences.

Painting for Play (ages 2-4) Tuesdays 9:30-10:15: This group is all paint, all experiments, all fun. Small artists use different techniques and painting implements to begin learning the basics of playing with color and texture, developing gross and fine motor skills through movement and mess!

DROP IN (ages 2.5-5) Art through Story Fridays 10:30-11:15: NOT your usual story time. We choose books with a careful eye toward art concepts and themes that emphasize creativity, flexibility, and validation of everyone’s artistic worth, then follow with an art activity that explores fine art concepts in a way that connects to the story.

Creative Arts Jr. (ages 3-5) Fridays 1-1:45 pm: Through age-appropriate art experiences with a variety of media, your child will explore basic art skills with a balance of structure and experimentation. Groups are designed to build problem-solving and expressive skills as well as reinforce child’s natural creative tendencies. All materials and concepts are presented in a way that takes into account the child’s developmental level, creative interest, and any particular cognitive, social and emotional needs.

Creative Arts I (ages 5-8) Mondays at 2:45, Tuesdays at 4:45 : Our basic Creative Arts class offers the most variety of materials and opportunity to explore. Through age-appropriate art experiences with a variety of media, your child will explore basic skills with a balance of structure and exploration. Groups are designed to build fine-motor, social, and expressive skills as well as reinforce a child’s natural creative tendencies. All materials and concepts are presented in a way that takes into account the child’s developmental level, creative interest, and any particular cognitive, social and emotional needs.

Advanced Creative Arts (Ages 9-12) Mon 3:45-4:45: Take art making to the next level by building off individual interests of the artist to create a series. Challenge yourself to see your favorite subject in a new way using a variety of materials, even printmaking. Learn more about how artists create interesting compositions, and develop your work in another medium like collage, watercolor, even clay. Love making landscapes? Imagine looking at the landscape through a microscope or from a hot air balloon.

Clay Basics (ages 5+) Tuesdays 2:45-3:45:  Clay is our most popular medium, but the basics are vital! Learn the building blocks of any good hand-built clay sculpture, beyond the “basic” pinch pot to slabs, coils, and how to create a stable piece. At least one piece will be glazed, the rest hand painted.

Sculpture: Plaster and Mixed Media (ages 5-10) Tuesdays 3:45-4:45: Beginners will learn the basics of plaster construction, while advanced artists can make finished products with a focus on formal design, structuring and surfacing elements. There will be an age appropriate emphasis on planning and design. Smaller projects and engineering challenges in other materials will keep this class stimulating for all abilities.

Let’s Paint (ages 5-10) Wednesdays 3:45-4:45: This painting class explores watercolors and acrylic in dynamic ways, including color mixing, paint applications and interactions, layers and textures, with lots of options for experiments. We’ll then use these techniques to build paintings that incorporate composition and design elements in age appropriate ways. Artists will develop lots of experiments and several final paintings.

Mixing Media (5 and up) Wednesdays 2:45-3:45: This class is a direct result of what artists at our studio tend to want to do naturally, and we’re happy to oblige by adding a little structure and encouraging experiments to achieve new techniques. We’ll explore the potential of combinations of 2D media. We’ll paint on collages, combine textures and drawing, and play with familiar mediums in new and unexpected ways in order to create exciting compositions. This is for the artist who likes to put it all together.

Marbling and Printing: (Ages 8+) Mon 4:45-5:45: We will experiment with printmaking techniques including relief and monotype, while also exploring the use of color, collage and drawing in the prints. Marbling paper is an art that takes some practice, so we’ll experiment with various materials and techniques. Artists will do various studies and experiments, then combine prints and marbling papers into several final works to bring home.

The WHOLE picture (Ages 7+) Wed 4:45-5:45: Combining character drawing and scene illustration, we’ll dive into and re-invent our favorite stories by adding our own twists. Through character and setting design, and creative changes to well-known stories, we’ll create our own worlds, and the illustrations to go with them. Each student will have at least 5 illustrations for their own re-imagined story, and make a small book to keep them in. Individual instruction will help your young artist learn the fundamentals of building a drawing and developing a personal style.

Drawing Club: Fantasy and Reality (Ages 11+) Wednesdays 6:00-7:15 pm:  Observational drawing is an important practice for any emerging drawing artist. This is a fun yet challenging way for your drawing artist to harness his or her creative resources by combining observational drawing with imaginary elements. Chiara has designed a great group to introduce an emerging artist to observational drawing without it becoming a chore! As always, Chiara will work with each artist individually to provide instruction and challenges based on individual interests, including comic characters and narrative, as well as provide basics in scale, perspective, figures and faces, then work with each individual artist at his or her level.

NEW! Clay TEAM For Adults and Kids Thursdays 2:45-4:00pm: Play with clay together! Spend some time with your child while making pinch pots, tiles, and sculptures. At least one project will be glazed, the rest will be hand painted. Appropriate for any age over 5.

Open Studio (various age groups and times, see Calendar grid for details)It is recommended that artists take at least one session of Creative Arts or Advanced Creative Arts before attending Open Studio. These are small, independent groups for self-directed artists wanting to improve drawing, painting, sculpture or design skills. Artists’ interests and abilities are assessed, and personal instruction in specific media is offered. We work one to one with artists to help them develop their personal style, challenge their creative skills, take risks and try new materials. Many artists work for multiple weeks on a project of their choosing, and an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement and constructive collaboration is encouraged among artists. 60 minute class and 90 minute blocks available.

Teen Open Studio, ages 13+ Thursdays 7-8:30 pm: Same as above, but for teens only.