Enhance creative expression... Increase self-awareness... Improve quality of life...
Follow Your Art is a community art studio providing art experiences for everyone, adapted to anyone. We are growing our creative community in Melrose. See how and join in at www.fyamelrose.org

We believe that in a safe, supportive environment, creative art experiences can enhance personal growth, awareness, and quality of life at any age. Art principles and media are presented in sessions that allow for individual artistic expression.

We provide the tools for artistic expression and an environment that fosters increased self-awareness, creativity, and healthy self-expression. Exploration of art materials is welcome, and personal discovery is encouraged as participants learn about their creative strengths through their work. 

We are committed to bringing art into the community to support positive social change through community partnerships.

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This beautiful sign carved by David Bubier will soon find it's home above the door of 414 Main Street.   studio3