June News

This is usually the month at FYA where we wind down, take a breather, and then get ready for our chilled out summer offerings. BUT… this is not a usual year for FYA, and there is a lot more going on than the usual. First an update on our current campaign, then we’ll talk about summer fun.  

Our GoFundMe campaign is going strong thanks to everyone who has pitched in and some great Free Press. As of now, we will only need to raise our rates in the fall by $5-7 per session (we had feared $20-25), and we have a healthy scholarship fund to support those who need. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet and want to help out, the campaign will stay open until August 1st, so we could end up keeping our tuition constant for our sixth year.

FYA is working to incorporate as a nonprofit. We are hoping to file paperwork in the coming weeks and begin to look for community support in earnest as we grow our vision of a community arts center in Melrose. We will be hosting some focus groups in the coming weeks for folks interested in becoming more involved in our efforts. Please let us know if you would like to know more. We’ll be posting our mission statement and plans as they evolve on our website. 
And now back to our regularly scheduled June:
SUMMER STUDIO (ages 5-8) is almost full. There is plenty of space in our late August weeks, but July is filling fast. OPEN STUDIO (ages 9+) will have ongoing registration and drop in available all summer.  
Adults, we haven’t forgotten you. In past years the interest in summer classes for adults wasn’t there, but that seems to be changing. We are working on putting together a few evening art nights this summer, so check back with the calendar, or gather some friends and set up your own event. FYA is always ready to host your birthday party, private event, or even set up private classes for your group of friends. 
Did you know that FYA travels to local programs on a one-time, monthly, or weekly basis? Do you know of a summer program, a school, living facility, or other community organization that would benefit from some creative time? Do you see where I’m going with this? Get in touch to learn more.
We hope to see you in the coming months, if not at the studio then outside with some sidewalk chalk. If you need some, let me know…I have tons and am happy to share!
Kris and the FYA Team
Originally posted on June 1, 2018