Groups for Adults

Below are descriptions of programs we offer for adults. Those listings with dates indicate current or upcoming classes. Check back frequently for information on workshops and weekly classes, or click here to register for any of these listed classes:

ART 1:1 Guided Independent Study in Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media with Sara

Six Monday OR Wednesday mornings 10:30-12:30

Session I begins January 7th/9th and runs 6 weeks (skips MLK Day)*

Session II begins January 25th/27th and runs 6 weeks *

Cost: $165 ($150 for seniors) + individual supplies

This is an opportunity for the 1:1 instruction you are looking for in drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, or mixed media. Sara will take a maximum of 6 artists from beginning to intermediate levels and create individualized goals based on your interests and ability. This is a great way to get started with whatever your “I’ve always wanted to….” art goals. You can then advance your creative time and skills by attending any day or evening Open Studios for $5 while you are enrolled in this class. Due to the individual nature of this class, late registrations and roll-ins are always welcome, we will prorate the cost of the session if you start late. **If we need to close due to weather, we will notify you by 8:30 am. You will be able to make up the class on the alternate day (Wed for Mon and vice versa) or receive a $25 gift certificate. 

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NEW SPECIAL WORKSHOP! Fabric Landscape/Collage Class with Bev Hinckley

January 20th, 1-5 pm

$120 (includes supply fee)

Using fabric scraps, students will explore basic concepts of landscaping and collage. We will create two small landscapes that we will attach to fusible interfacing. One piece will be wrapped on canvas. All concepts that are introduced can be applied to larger pieces.


White Line Woodcut with Kate Hanlon

Two Sections: January 27th or February 3rd, 1-5 pm

$120 (includes supply fee)

The white line woodcut, or Provincetown Print, is a uniquely American form of printmaking invented by artists working in Provincetown in the early 1900s. Beautiful multicolor pieces are printed by hand using a single block, eliminating the need for a press or complicated registration methods. This fun workshop teaches traditional techniques of design, carving, and printing, and offers the chance to expand upon the tradition with creative inking and printing options to create contemporary interpretations of the medium.


Watercolor 101

Four Tuesdays beginning March 5th

7-9:30 pm

$160 plus $30 supply fee

For the beginner who wants to explore the personality of watercolor, this class focuses on learning basic techniques for bringing out its varied qualities. With an eye toward experimentation and exploration, we will finish with an original work after some trial and error! We will provide you with a basic set of good quality supplies to get you started for a $30 fee, or provide a list of supplies you will need to bring.

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Two Week Workshops with Sue Lembo

$90 per 2-week workshop (includes most supplies. Students provide one canvas for each workshop, plus a roll of paper towels.)

Florals: Jan 22 and 29 6:30-9:30 pm

Week one, we will work in the style of the daily painters who create still lives on a small 6×6 or 6×8 on gessoboard. These paintings are perfect little gems that are completed in one night. Week two we’ll explore negative space flower painting inspired by Linda Kemp.

Tree Painting: Feb 12 and 19, 6:30-9:30 pm

Working from photos, we will learn how to edit the image and find the best composition, value plan and color harmony in order to achieve our desired results. Instead of copying a photo exactly as is, we will maximize the drama and light within it.

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Adult Open Studio

Select evenings OR every Wednesday 10:30 am -12:30 pm

$5 plus supplies if needed

Drop in alone or with friends for some creative time. A FYA team member will welcome you in to paint, draw, cut, glue, or sculpt your way through whatever you’d like. Bring your own supplies and project, or make full use of the studio supplies for an additional fee. Come once, or for all 5. Registration is NOT required, but we’d love an email heads up, particularly for groups so we can better prepare for you.

Contact us for details.

These classes aren’t currently running but we hope to run again:

Printmaking with Sara and Chiara

Relief printing is the dynamic process of carving a block in order to create an image that can reproduced many times. We’ll create unique images to make multiple art prints for different effects, and explore the possibilities relief printing has to offer.

Starting from Scratch: An Introduction to Creating Art

This group is designed for adults as a basic introduction to various art materials (including painting, clay and collage), with a goal of finding the best medium for your individual creative needs. Basic art concepts of color and design, as well as technique are addressed with an eye toward exploration and developing a personal style and aesthetic. Objectives are tailored to individual needs of each artist, whether your intention is to try new materials or delve deeper into a favored material or advance skills from years past.

Layer by Layer: A workshop with Deb Corbettdebs-workshop

In this workshop you will create interesting and dynamic compositions w­hile developing rich surfaces and textures. Through the use of acrylic paints, altered and hand painted papers, metallic paints and other mixed media you will explore the uses of these materials while producing several finished works of original art.

Family Stories through Art

In this workshop, instructor Sharon Santillo will show students how to use simple collage techniques and writing to transform one of their family’s stories into a beautiful book. No art or writing experience is necessary. Many adults are uncomfortable with art if they think they have to draw. But everyone can cut. After painting amazingly beautiful papers using a variety of texturing techniques, participants will cut, paste, and construct a story. This highly- engaging collage method is accessible to all, no matter what their artistic background, and the art will lead the writing.

Touch Drawing Workshop with Marina Strauss

The simplicity of touch drawing opens the door to creative expression. Images are created through the pressure of fingertips on paper that has been placed over a smooth layer of paint.  A multitude of drawings can be created in one session. Touch drawing provides a direct outlet for expression. It assists in opening creative blocks and facilitates deep transformation. It is a practice of physical, emotional and spiritual integration. Even people who are not confident of their artistic abilities can find touch drawing to be a deeply fulfilling experience.  In this workshop you will have the opportunity to experiment with this technique as well as embellish one of your images using other collage materials and process. Touch drawing was originated in 1974 by Deborah Kidd-Chapin. More information at

Fiber Art with Penelope Young 

Come have fun with Penelope Young! In this class Penelope will show how to use fabric paints to create your own one of a kind fabric. You will learn how to paint, print and stamp your own cloth (you will design and cut your own rubber stamp). We will paint on the cloth, stamp and do some rubbings using Shiva paint sticks. The second half of the class will use our new fabrics to put together a small art “quilt” and learn many ways of embellishing using beads, buttons, do-dads, and found objects. Almost anything you can think of! Basic sewing skills are helpful, but not necessary. Fabric paint and stamp materials are supplied; individuals will bring some of their own supplies (estimated cost $30). For a full supply list or more information, contact us.

Plein Air Painting with John

Instructor John Maciejowski will share with you the joy of painting outdoors. Influenced by some of the great plein air paintings of Monet, Sargent, and Van Gogh, we will create our own artistic visions. This class is open to all levels of painters in oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Classes are limited to a minimum of 5 students, and a maximum of 8 students so each student will have the personal attention they need. Class meets rain or shine; on rainy days the class will be held indoors at the studio. A list of materials will be prepared in advance by John.